Everyone is A Critic : A Reaction to Sherlock (The Empty Hearse)

So Sherlock Holmes is back.

I am about to watch Star Trek Into Darkness and right now my brain is still hyperventilating after seeing the pilot episode of Sherlock Season 3. I am full of ideas and I’m afraid that if I delay this post any longer I might lose them completely and, unlike Sherlock, I might not be able to resurrect them back to life. So I’ll make this quick.

Season 2 ended quite intensely and I was a little scared that the team responsible for the show might have gotten themselves into a dead end. Yes, we are all well aware that Mr. Holmes has a thousand tricks under that handsome coat but let’s not forget that this is London and not Neverland. It seemed to me that the longer the show aired, the more outlandish the plots became. Still, we held on. There were scenes where our favorite detective goes into this trance of some sort (The Mind Palace) and he gets all these visions of plausible outcomes of every move he is about to make. A little too bizarre if you ask me but then we realize its Cumberbatch doing it so all is forgiven.

Then Sherlock “dies”. Of course we knew he was alive but that wasn’t the cause of our uneasiness, was it? I was worried that whatever great master plan Mark Gatiss had in mind, it was going to sound too overdone and highly implausible. Some fan, somewhere is going to turn his facebook profile into a spiteful testament of how he thinks the events should have transpired.


And I guess that’s the problem. Everyone is a critic. And if you have seen the episode, well, yes Sherlock agrees. Absolutely! I felt like the fan club, The Empty Hearse, represented the millions of real fans worldwide who are obsessing at how the great Sherlock Holmes faked his well-publicized death. The reaction of the fan club’s creator after Sherlock reveals (or did he really?) his greatest magic trick so far was exactly what I expected it was to be. Utter disappointment. And he adds by saying “Well, I wouldn’t have done it that way” to which Sherlock rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath “Everyone is a critic”.

So Gatiss pretty much pulled a Houdini on us. Did he reveal or did he not reveal how Sherlock faked his death? I don’t know and honestly, I don’t mind if he does not … ever. He could have had the entire decade to perfect his master plan and still not get away with it. Somehow, we would still be disappointed. And for that, I applaude the show for pulling yet another trick on us. This time, a much pleasant and needed one.

The important thing is that Watson gave up that ridiculous beard and that the great Sherlock Holmes is back. And he’s back for good.



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