Always Be Knolling

I’m not an expert but I have always diagnosed myself to having OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder).

In normal cases, I’m just bothered by books in my bookshelf that are slightly more skewed than the rest. In my worst, I wake up in the middle of the night to find myself rearranging them according to their respective sizes or color. The same goes for my DVD collection which I arrange and rearrange endlessly based on their genres or whether I have watched them or not. It’s silly. But I managed to control it over time. These days it’s so much better. I only break a few cold sweats when I visit my friends’ rooms and see to my horror that the ancient and sacred practice of arranging things has been completely thrown out the window.

Then I met Knolling.

Wikipedia will tell you that Knolling is simply the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization. I will tell you that it’s every OC’s ultimate high.

Arranging things? Angles? Organization? Count me in!

So I immediately scoured the net for knolling images and these are the most interesting ones I have found.


[via: Things Organized Neatly]

The American sculptor Tom Sachs even organized a guide on how to knoll in his 2009 studio manual, 10 bullets. So here are the basic rules.

  1. Ten_Bullets_IIScan your environment for materials, tools, books, music, etc. which are not in use.
  2. Put away everything not in use. If you aren’t sure, leave it out.
  3. Group all ‘like’ objects.
  4. Align or square all objects to either the surface they rest on, or the studio itself.
  5. Take a picture and share it! (My own input and because we have Instagram now)

So as a tribute, I will be posting my own knolling pictures in my blog.


On The Other Side

On The Other Side (taken at The Chillage)


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