House of Pizzarelli

This story’s culprit? An artist/businessman (and ladies, he’s a bachelor, too) by the name of Giancarlo.

My good friend Gian was craving for some shrimp and suggested we go to this new place called Bucket Shrimps where their specialty is well, shrimps served in a bucket. Surprise! The place has only been opened recently but is getting all the rave , so we immediately came to our friend’s rescue. It was a Friday night and we were all starving anyway so it was technically a win-win situation.

After scooping everyone up, we immediately searched for the place. However to our dismay, the place was full of pasayans, I mean people, (you would have to be a cebuano to get this) so we had to find some other place to eat. Usually, we would argue ourselves senseless over the topic of where to eat but we were so hungry that somehow our stomachs have conspired with the universe and lead us to one of our most interesting finds, Ryan’s Pizzarelli House.


The Road To Ryan’s

The treasure hunt for Ryan’s was a swift one. It was my first time and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was a actually a two-story establishment whose lower floor has been turned into a pizza house. The interior was interesting as well. It was a living collage of people who have dined in the place.


Pictures, pictures everywhere!

Oh snap!


The culprit, Giancarlo

We ordered a pizza, a calzone (pronuounced as kal-zow-ney)  and a recent house offering, spicy chicken wings. Be very careful with how calzone is pronounced, though as It might be very tempting to say kal-zone, instead. The waitresses are particular with this and will not think twice to correct you. haha.

Minutes later, the food arrived. The price was relatively cheap compared to other pizza houses (Alberto’s excluded, of course) so I wasn’t really expecting a lot. But boy was I wrong! The pizza was all puffed up, crusty and dense at the same time. The chef wasn’t holding back when it came to the pizza toppings. Munching through layers upon layers of meat, spices and cheeses is in itself a gastronomic fairytale worthy of every  happy ending. The calzone which looked like an oversized empanada was really good as well. You don’t really see what’s inside so it was like unknowingly biting into an explosion of flavors and textures at the same time. But the real showstopper was the Spicy Chicken Wings with its pairing of what seemed to be a mustard/mayonnaise sauce. The moment that chicken came in contact with my taste buds, it was all over.

The food was extremely good we barely talked through the course.


Monk’s Meal?

994339_561739587226353_1287916904_n 1379329_561739543893024_498868238_n Calzone

I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves to eat shamelessly. Those pizzas, calzones and Chicken wings will keep you coming back for more. And we might just do that.

But until then, Gian’s shrimps will just have to wait.

All smiles.


Check out Ryan’s Pizzarelli House’s official facebook page here.


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