A Study in Ink

It’s September 30, 2013, around 10 am in the morning and the truth is, I am not quite sure why I am writing this. Boredom, perhaps. As I write this, my office mates are all buzzing like bees trying to meet their deadlines and I am just sitting in my chair, swiveling at every angular speed imaginable (tsar), fighting every chance of turning my job into a nasty snooze fest. And no, I’m no slacker. You see, as a trainee, my workload is not as hectic as everyone else’s. Yet. So for now, boredom keeps me company.

My daily working routine is a cycle of the mundane. A work request from time to time, trips to the bathroom, sitting idly in front of the computer, another unnecessary trip to the bathroom, warming up a little bit in the pantry, sitting idly in front of the computer again, doing about 50 push-ups and  burpees (kidding), a couple more trips to the bathroom, occasional tinkering of the computer to change the wallpaper into every possible color of the visible spectrum and finally… some more sitting in front of the computer (Did I mention it’s still running Windows XP?). 

Exciting! I know.

So, I write. Previously, I doodled my way out of dreamland but I’m just stopping myself from turning my notebook into “Louvre” franchise. HAHA. Besides, my boss wouldn’t be so excited once she figures out my newly found past-time hobby. All those precious ink wasted on my fruitless attempts at surpassing Pollock and Picasso. 

So instead, I write. 

Blogging came as a surprise, though. Writing and I go a long way back. It all started when I learned to sketch pitiful impressions of cars (or at least that’s what I wanted them to look like) on our, get this, family bible. Yes, BIBLE! All hundred pages of holiness reduced into nothing but mere smears and cavemen drawings. Graffiti Galore. But since I was still a toddler then you’ll just have to forgive me. Later, I mastered my ABC’s like everybody else and a couple of pubic hairs later, I found myself joining my school’s group of campus journalists. However, blogging was never a part of the plan. I read a couple of blogs, TheVerge being my favorite but I never considered putting one up myself. Sort of.

The only time I considered doing one was during a marathon of BBC’s take on the classic, Sherlock Holmes. In the series, to relieve Dr. Watson of his anxiety problems, he was advised to put up a blog. And a blogger he became, and an excellent one at that. His first article was “A Study in Pink”, a playful take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “A Study in Scarlet” and since I am a huge Sherlock fan (of both the book and the series) I decided to play Dr. Watson as well, hence the title. 

I have to confess, I’m not much of a writer. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. And I am desperate enough not to doze myself off into unemployment. So if I have the moment to spare, I will write. I share this with all the working zombies out there who are in the same predicament as I am (I love my job but it can get awfully boring at times). 

I’m Ed the Chemical Engineer by day, Lyle the restless zombie by night, a movie lover, a legit five-time Pokemon League Champion and the biggest Game of Thrones fan. EVER.




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